Legislative Analysis & Monitoring

Be There.

“The world is run by those who show up.” This especially applies to the legislative process. But how to get engaged? Where to start? Doss Consulting is your partner on the ground, keeping you out of the weeds and in a position to respond to opportunities, defend your interests, and advance your agenda.

  • Legislative Analysis & Monitoring

During any two-year legislative session, over 4,000 bills will be introduced.  The earlier you know about a bill that impacts your organization, the greater your opportunity to influence the debate.  A good governmental affairs consultant can make the difference between learning about a bill that was just introduced (or even just an idea in a legislator’s head)…or when it’s too late.

While online bill tracking tools are now available, the challenge remains: Which bills do we really need to pay attention to? Which bills are dead on arrival? Regardless of the sponsor’s intent, what does the bill actually do? What is the context for this issue? Who is leading the charge and is that good or bad?

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