Strategic Public Policy Planning

Be Heard.

You want your message to cut through the noise at the Capitol. We start with a solid ground plan followed by careful deployment of messages and messengers. But between strategic thinking and action, we know it’s about you telling your story. That’s what gets heard.

  • Strategic Public Planning

Know the process. Know the players. Know what you want. Know how to get it.

These are the essential ingredients in an effective, clear strategic public policy plan.

How we get there:

  • First we listen to you, and work to understand your organization, your resources, your goals;
  • Next, we de-mystify and de-code the legislative process;
  • Then together we map a strategy, define the various possibilities and pitfalls that could be encountered, identify the best timing, methods, and messages to advance your agenda, and influence state policy.
  • And then we set about getting the job done.

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