“For nearly twenty years, I’ve had the opportunity to witness Jean’s work at the Capitol. Whether we are on the same side of an issue or differing, she consistently upholds the voice of her client. Many times, she is the voice for groups who may not have a voice in Lansing. Jean does more for her clients than just lobbying or advocacy, she finds other ways through partnerships with so many of her contacts to build strong coalitions of support. Those relationships lead to further opportunities for her clients beyond what she’s hired to do. She’s respected by both sides of the aisle and respects the individuals – be they legislators or fellow lobbyists – she engages with every day. Jean doesn’t do her work for a quick fix but is interested in good public policy for the long run.”

Scott Dzurka / Non-Profit Executive

“Seven years ago I was brand new to the Michigan Legislative process. When I asked people who to hire, they resoundingly said, “Jean has more energy than anyone I know. She’ll work tirelessly to get the job done.” That statement is as true today as it was then. Jean’s work ethic, commitment to personal and professional ethics, and her belief in advocacy and the legislative process are testaments to her success. She is a powerful asset to have on your team and I’m grateful she’s on ours.”

Marilyn Vetter / Midwest Government Affairs Manager / Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.

“Jean’s strong government relations experience, broad and deep relationships, and ability to communicate complex issues in ways that resonate with policymakers and the public have been invaluable to our nonprofit organization.”

Pat Sorenson / Policy Analyst 

“Jean Doss is a professional lobbyist and advocate with great integrity. She is able to translate policy and the political process for the lay person. I have witnessed Jean’s ability to inspire and teach grassroots advocates, including youth, parents, and consumers, how to engage in the political process. She knows how to create a win-win for policymakers and for her clients. Jean’s energy and passion for her clients and partners are second to none.”

Michele Strasz /Child Advocate

“I have enjoyed working with Jean and watching her in action over the last seven years. She is a passionate and strategic partner to any organization looking to raise their visibility, build awareness of an issue and move a policy agenda. Even when our organization didn’t have aspecific “ask” for legislators, she always looked for opportunities get our name and our issue out there. She is relentless in her commitment to making sure that she is meeting the needs of her clients and has the unique ability to firmly take a stand on difficult issues, while maintaining relationships with those she disagrees with.”

Tameshia Bridges / Michigan Senior Workforce Advocate /  PHI Quality Care through Quality Jobs